Special SALE

Compare prices of PDR Lights from some companies with ours!

Ultra Dent Tools A1BE3-3-36" $320.00 NO dimmer

Pro PDR Solutions CHUBBY $490.00 NO bracket

A1 LED-38-M-FO $345.00 NO bracket NO dimmer


1. The lights are protected against reverse polarity (+/-).

2. Installed flicker-free dimmer:

You should be aware that flickering light causes headaches and eyes strain.

Flickering can only be seen when viewed through the phone's camera or camcorder.

Our PDR Lights can INCLUDE:

- Base Mount with Metal Stud and 3/4" Metal BALL. You can install our Light fixture to Stands using Ultradenttools CLAMPING COLLAR. The Light comes with a Base Mount, Metal Stud and 3/4" Metal ball.

- Two Ball Bracket with threaded stud and two nuts for fastening. Require to drill a hole in the boom of your Stand.

- Two Ball Bracket with composite clamp. Require 3/4" - 7/8" round aluminum tube (boom) of your Stand. The Balls Bracket fits for all kinds of Stands such as A-1,Ultradenttools,Pro PDR Solutions, and so on.

We use the services of the international company FULFILLA to reduce shipping costs.

Compare shipping prices:

Delivery from USA to Italy approx. $53.00 (USPS $73.00)

Delivery from USA to Russia approx. $57.00 (USPS $100.00)

Delivery from USA to Netherlands approx. $37.00 (USPS $65.00)