4 Lines PDR Light. Switches. Wire.Dimmer. 3/4" Ball for Ultradent Collar.

4 LED Lines (WW+COOL________COOL+WW)

Light dimension 36 x 9.5 x ¾" inch.

Housing with an aluminum frame.


4 Switches.

Coiled Wire.

Non-bending housing.

Base with 3/4" Metal BALL and STUD.

The Light comes with a mount - pivot head, 3/4" Metal BALL, and STUD.

The Ball fit for Ultradenttools Big  3/4" CLAMPING COLLAR.

The PDR Light housing is covered U-profile PVC plastic around the edges and on the corners of the VELCRO Sticky Loop Guard.

NO Clamping COLLAR Included.

NO Stand Included!

$7.00 Delivery for US Customers.

INTERNATIONAL Customers please email for calculating!

$207.00 $250.00
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