5 Five strips PDR Light.(C+W_C_W+C) Coiled wire. Dimmer. Swivel Bracket.



If you need to change the position of WW and COOL just ask us.

For advanced dent technicians.

Aluminum housing.

The housing has an aluminum frame.

Light dimension 36 x 9.5 x 3/4 inch.

Non-bending housing.


Coiled power cord with battery clamps.

5 Switches.

Dual Balls Bracket with a clamp.

The Dual Balls Joint fits for all kinds of Stands such as A-1, Dent-Gear, Ultradenttools, Pro PDR Solutions, and so on. Require 3/4" - 7/8" round aluminum tube (boom) of your Stand.

NO Stand included!

$7.00 Delivery for US Customers.

INTERNATIONAL Customers please email for calculating!

$235.00 $310.00
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