5 Lines PDR Light.(W+C_W_C+W) 3/4" ball for Ultradent Collar.smd2835 Strip.



If you need to change the position of WW and COOL just ask us.

Plastic housing with an aluminum frame. 

New 144 per meter LEDs 2835smd.

5 Switches.


Coiled power cord with battery clamps.

Light dimension 36.5 x 9.5 x 3/4 inch.

3/4" ball for ULTRADENTTOOLS Clamping COLLAR

You can install our Light fixture to Stands using Ultradenttools CLAMPING COLLAR.

The Light comes with a Base Mount, Metal Stud, and 3/4" Metal Ball ONLY!

Just replace the old Light fixture with Our new Light.

No overheating the LED strips.

The edges of the case are covered with plastic profiles.

The housing does not bend.



$7.00 Delivery for US Customers.

INTERNATIONAL Customers please email 777kmk@gmail.com for calculating!

We use the services of the international company FULFILLA to reduce shipping costs..

Compare shipping prices for one PDR lamp with FULFILLA and USPS International:

Delivery from USA to Italy approx. $53.00 (USPS $73.00)

Delivery from USA to Netherlands approx. $37.00 (USPS $65.00)

Delivery from USA to Russia approx. $57.00 (USPS $100.00)

Доставка в Россию примерно $57.00 против USPS $100.00.

$177.00 $260.00
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