SALE! Wide 6 Lines PDR Light 36" x 11" Dimmer.Balls Bracket. 6 Switches

Wide 6 lines PDR Light!


Non-bending housing.


6 Switches.

Light dimension 36" x 11" x 3/4" inch.

Dual Balls Bracket with holder.

The Dual Ball Joint fits for all kinds of Stands such as A-1, Dent-Gear, Ultradenttools, Pro PDR Solutions, and so on. Require 3/4" - 7/8" round aluminum tube (boom) of your Stand.

NO AC-DC included!

NO Stand included!

NO Battery Cord included!

$7.00 Delivery for US Customers.

INTERNATIONAL Customers please email for calculating!

We use the services of the international company FULFILLA to reduce shipping costs..

Compare shipping prices for one PDR lamp with FULFILLA and USPS International:

Delivery from USA to Italy approx. $53.00 (USPS $73.00)

Delivery from USA to Netherlands approx. $37.00 (USPS $65.00)

Delivery from USA to Russia approx. $57.00 (USPS $100.00)

Доставка в Россию примерно $57.00 против USPS $100.00.

$197.00 $300.00
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