Short Double Socket Arm for 1" Ball. Reinforced Nylon.


The High Strength Composite Plastic SHORT 1.65" Double Socket Arm has a socket at either end to allow a RAM 1" diameter ball accessories to be connected. 

Has the same functionality as RAM Composite RAP-B-201U-A .

Strong toughness strong and durable suitable for a variety of environments.A tightening screw on the side of the arm enables the sockets to clamp firmly to a 1" diameter ball.
The arm length is 1.65" when measured from socket center to socket center. The total length of the arm is 2.27". (58mm)

Reinforced Nylon multifunctional mounts.Certificate: ISO9001Not Ordinary plastic Support.Vehicle Reinforced Engineering Plastics.(PA66+GF50% Nylon glass fiber composite material)

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