Wide 5 Lines PDR Light 36"x11" (W+C_W_C+W)Bracket.Switches

Wide  5 lines PDR Light!

5 LED Lines (WW+COOL____WW____COOL+WW)

ABS housing with an aluminum frame.

Non-bending housing.


5 Switches.

Light dimension 36" x 11" x 3/4" inch.

Dual Balls Bracket.

Dual Balls Bracket with threaded stud and two nuts for fastening. Require to drill a hole in the boom of your Stand.

The Dual Balls Joint fits for all kinds of Stands such as A-1, Dent-Gear, Ultradenttools, Pro PDR Solutions, and so on. Require 3/4" - 7/8" round aluminum tube (boom) of your Stand.

NO Wire included!

NO Stand included!

$7.00 Delivery for US Customers.

INTERNATIONAL Customers please email for calculating!

$224.00 $320.00
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